and why I am happy with it


Money isn’t everything

Or is it? I guess everyone once heard this saying or something similar. But is it really true? I think if we consider the whole life it’s definitely true. Family and friends are most important. And in general living for something you enjoy and care about is something everyone aims for.

But let’s look at the money aspect of happiness.
If you don’t have excessive luck or were born rich you have to work for money. In most cases this will be part of your life for round about 40 years.

So it does not make sense…

A utility for debouncing values of React components

A man looking through a magnifying glass.
A man looking through a magnifying glass.

The problem

As a frontend developer once in a while you will stumble across performance issues which are triggered by frequently updating states. For example if you want to do a request to a backend with information the user types into a search field.

Chances are that you do this request when the onChange method of your Input component is fired. But this can lead to performance issues because the method is called on every keystroke.

Here you can see an example of this behavior.

With concrete use cases and examples using Lodash.

First of all: What is Lodash? I will be brief in case you already know about it.

Lodash is a handy utility library. It provides functions to easily work with data types such as objects, arrays, numbers or strings. With the help of Lodash, you can perform various tasks in one simple line of code. You don’t have to implement the logic yourself nor do you have to maintain these functions.

But what are the real-world use cases for all these sweet helper functions?

This is exactly what I want to answer in this article. I searched through a few…

And why they save you from painful refactoring in the future.

A man diving into a pool. The picture should symbolize a person which is ready to start developing a web application.
A man diving into a pool. The picture should symbolize a person which is ready to start developing a web application.

In this article, I will consider some key concepts and libraries which are important for web development projects. It’s highly recommended to think about these things before starting with development because it can be cumbersome to change these things afterward.

The given suggestions all refer to the React development area but there are similar concepts and libraries for other frameworks as well. Feel free to leave a comment on other things that you would like to add to this article.

Component library

The most obvious step is to choose a component library. A component library provides implementations for basic components which can…

for important interactions in your application

A hummingbird hovering near a red flower
A hummingbird hovering near a red flower

Hover effects can be a great way to improve web applications. You can provide additional information or support the user in a process. Also you can beautify your application with hover effects. These kind of visual effects are nice and can help to keep the user happy. But they are not really essential for the functionality of the application and therefore are not covered here.

So let’s jump right into the pros and cons for hover effects to display additional data.


When showing additional information, for example a hint, it is very common and convenient to show it on hover…

…using existing AI APIs


A profile picture upload functionality is widely used in a lot of applications. It allows the user to customize his profile and allows easy identification of them. In some use cases it might be helpful to show some warnings or restrict the user to upload a picture which is inappropriate. It might be the case that it’s not allowed/useful to upload a picture which is really blurry or on which headgear is worn. To implement a feature like this it would be really cumbersome to check the images manually. …

Joi Schünemann

Software developer with focus on frontend development with React. Startup enthusiast and Soccer fan.

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